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Full Version: ChordPro file crashes MSP, MSP folder moved
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One of my ChordPro file causes MSP to crash as soon as I press AUTO-SIZE FONT.
The file is in ChordPro format, but not lyrics, just a list of MSP settings from the times when the MSP settings were not in the backup. It might contain unusually long lines or the like.
It takes very long before an error message says "MobileSheetsPro reagiert nicht. Möchten Sie die App schließen?" (No reaction from MSP. Close?) I answered YES and initiated a report to be sent.
I tried that several times. At least once I lost patience and forced MSP to close from the apps menu. Once I had the message "no database found but a backup is available, shall it be restored?" I answered YES, and MSP seemed to work as usual. BUT: I noticed later that two mobilesheets.db files existed,
as I had specified in the settings before and
MSP was using the wrong one on sdcard0 without letting me know. The path in the settings had been changed to sdcard0. This happened also in a case where MSP was not force-closed from the app menu.
This is a potential risk for losing data in case I relied on a backup from sdcard1 but changes in fact are written to sdcard0! A message like "succesfully restored to sdcard0" is required to inform the user. The same happens in case an external sdcard is not accessible for any reason: a restore goes to sdcard0 whereas the user thinks everything is on sdcard1.
In case you cannot correct the access problem (which clearly might be the case) it's essential to let the user know that his data are moved!
I thought I added popup messages when the database file could not be accessed while on an external SD card, but I guess something must not be working correctly. I do change the paths in that scenario to allow the program to still run, but I probably need to ensure that the storage location isn't persisted (so that the user can exit, fix the access to the external SD card and reload). It's a lot of work, but I could add additional code that gives the user a choice of what to do in the case that their database file cannot be accessed on an external SD card. That's the most user friendly, but would require a lot of changes.

I'll look into the auto-size font issue.

A message box like "Cannot write into SD1/SomeFolder/ , backup restored / MSP folder moved / files copied to SD0/SomeOtherFolder/..." would be a great help. All required info is available and you can leave it to the user to fix his hardware, rethink his folder structure, accept your workaround, learn to use Sciurius' ProTools, ... 
An automatic folder correction would be very complicated and I doubt that it is possible to consider every possible case.