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Full Version: Get out of performance mode / access options menu
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I thought performance mode sounded cool. I turned it on, but now how do I turn it off? The only way I'm aware of to get to the options menu is through the menu that shows up when a song is not in performance mode. How too? And also, is there another way to access the options menu?
You will have to turn it off by going back to the library screen, then tapping the Options button at the bottom of the screen (there is a row of buttons, it's at the far right), then going to the Display Options, and tapping the Performance Mode checkbox back off.

I plan on adding an easier way to go in and out of performance mode in the future. I haven't decided exactly what I want to do yet.

Wow! So I never swiped to the left before at the bottom of the screen! I actually program (Java among others), and have been doing so successfully for the past 30 years. I feel like such a noob. Thanks for the great job you're doing.
There is no way you could have known that the buttons extended off the screen without reading the manual and somehow noticing that there were more options than you were seeing. I probably should think about scaling those buttons down a little for smaller tablets so that they are all visible.

Thanks for your kind words,