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Full Version: multi-page songs in vertical mode
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in landscape mode you can display 2-page songs or songs that have multiple files easily, but not in portrait mode.
Currently if I swipe or tap right, it'll display the next page(s) of the same song before going to the next song.

So I suggest adding a vertical swipe or tap so it goes through the pages of the current song.
(of course also top/left swipe and tap to go backwards; and vice-versa when in vertical display mode)

As a bonus, for songs that have multiple files, it'd be nice to:
- identify which file(s) should be displayed in performance mode
- be able to quickly jump to the next file of the song
- in vertical mode, allow 2-page display on 1 screen; I know it'll be small, but for some cases it's good enough.

What do you guys think?