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Full Version: Show sent/recieved midi messages
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Would it be possible to add pop-up window that will show recieved and sent MIDI messages? I use MIDI a lot and it would be great to have visual control of MIDI communication...
That's an interesting feature idea. It's a little bit low level, so I'm thinking I may place it under the options at the bottom left of the song overlay window (the circle that shows the scroll options). There are a ton of different possible MIDI commands, but I only plan on showing relevant ones (note on/off, control change, program change, system exclusive). Things like patch change and Korg number commands are not really MIDI commands (they are a combination of MIDI commands), but I will probably try to show when those are detected too.

You can maybe add filter so user can choose what he wants to see. For me most important are program change to verify it was sent or received properly and also some control changes (maybe another files what CCs to show?), I don't need every note on/off messages, but I can see in some cases it might be usefull.

And this is just one step from being able to turn pages etc. using MIDI commands, isn't it? Wink