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Full Version: CSV Import: Fakebook Django 2008
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One of my favourite fakebooks. A lot of gypsy jazz tunes that are otherwise hard to find with written melodies. Excellent layout for reading on a tablet, good chords.
This is why  I decided to fill almost all library fields and import all songs using CSV import. Here are the import files that I used.
For the PDF just search for "fakebook_django_2008.pdf"
Notes about my importing process.
First of all: you did a great job with the CSV import, Mike. It worked like a charm.
I had a number of songs from this fakebook already in my MSP library containing info that I did not want to lose, but I wanted to do the editing work on the PC, so I had to export it first.
I created a setlist with all songs from that book and exported it with "Generate Song List".
The Song List Format that I used was
Note that I removed the spaces after the semicolons that the settings dialog inserts automatically. Page Order is missing, it cannot be included into the song list.
The export file written with "Generate Song List" and the format setting above is valid CSV, so I could open it in Libre Office Calc (Excel would also be possible) and complete it. In fields with multiple entries I replaced ", " with "|" to make the format valid for the import.
The contents of the "pages" column had to be added, see attached .xls for the macros that calculate it from "first page", "last page"
Before I importing the CSV I had to delete the existing entries in MSP to avoid duplicates.
Note that this removes the songs from existing setlists! Existing notations are lost!
@Mike: here's my wish list of things that I missed
- export options for the song list format to include "Page Order" and "Setlists"
- an export with "|" instead of ", " for multiple entries
- a filter setting to find songs that have annotations
- an option "select all" when selecting songs from a list
Maybe it would be easier to add an export in a format that can be edited and re-imported without losing existing information in the library. An export in CSV that includes the database IDs of the songs to allow re-importing to the same songs would do it. I admit that such a feature should be used with caution, it could ruin the entire library.
Thanks for the feedback. I'll have to look into adding specific options for the "Generate Song List" feature that aren't supported by the normal song title formatting (i.e. page order). I'll also create enhancement entries for the other suggestions. You already can select all though - long press a song to begin the selection mode, then tap the select all button in the toolbar at the bottom right corner of the screen.

I do want to provide a way to update existing songs through CSV, so that's something I'll work on when time allows.

Itsme and Mike,

Thanks so much for doing this! The Django Fakebook CSV worked like a charm Smile

Unfortunately, I didn't have the same luck with the Firehouse Jazz Band Fakebook CSV that was posted in another thread. I uploaded the "CSV.TXT" file that was posted. I guess it was posted in TXT format because the forum wouldn't allow CSV files to be imported at the time of posting. To convert the file to CSV, I pasted the contents of the TXT file into Excel, and then saved it as a CSV. Mobile Sheets Companion wouldn't upload the new CSV file to my device. I also tried to convert the XLS file that was posted to CSV in Excel (again using "Save As"), but Mobile Sheets crashed when I tried to import it. I think that the problem here may be that I don't know my way around Excel well enough to convert files. But I also tried converting the TXT file to CSV using an online converter, and it still caused Mobile Sheets to crash when importing. It seems like it should have worked because the contents of the file look like they are in the correct format.

I really look forward to future CSV uploads for other popular fakebooks. The Real Book and New Real Book (all volumes) would be a great place to start.

I downloaded Aspiers' fakebook indices, but those CSV files aren't currently in a format that Mobile Sheets will accept.

The .CSV.TXT does not need any further conversion. Just rename it to .CSV. The filename should before the .CSV extension should be the same as the PDF that it is applied to. Some small error corrections for firehouse csv coming soon. And the forum settings are changed so that it is possible to up- and download .csv files directly. No more renaming workarounds required in future.
@Brian: Make sure you import the right PDF. Do not use the firehouse_text.pdf since that will be awfully slow.
I am still having a hard time importing CSV files. I keep getting an error message "Matching PDF not found for.....", even though the .CSV and .PDF filenames are identical (except for their extensions). Right now I'm trying to import "fakebook_django_2008.csv" with no success. The file "fakebook_django_2008.pdf" is already in my library. I know I had mentioned previously that I had imported this CSV file successfully, but my library got wiped and I'm trying to rebuild it now.
This is a silly question, but you put the .csv in the same directory as the .pdf right?
(06-23-2016, 02:09 PM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]This is a silly question, but you put the .csv in the same directory as the .pdf right?
I thought I had, but in fact I hadn't.  It's working now.  Thanks Smile