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Since I liked my tablet with Mobilesheets Pro so much, I convinced my church to buy a matching set of them for our ensemble to use. 

I just received four tablets in the mail, completely identical to the one I am currently using successfully...and all of them are telling me that "Your device isn't compatible with this version".

All of them are running Android 4.4.4, up to date as far as they'll go.

Please help resolve this...I don't want to send them all back!
I've noticed that in the Play Store, under the app title and image it says "designed for phones". Didn't this originally say "designed for tablets" back before one of the updates?
As a workaround, I've successfully copied the APK file to the other tablets and got the app running...but it doesn't show up in my Play Store installed apps, so I'm assuming I won't see updates rolling through.
If for any reason you can't find MS Pro or it says your device is incompatible, please try the following steps:

1: Reboot your tablet
2: Go to your tablet Settings->Applications->Google Play and tap Clear Data. Do the same for Google Play Services.
3: Load Google Play and install MobileSheetsPro
4: If the installation still does not work, reboot your tablet and try again

That fixes the problem for most users.

Another thing to try:
Go to your web broswer.
Log into your google play account.
Click: Apps: myapps
Click: Installed
select your device, and choose continue.

It should say "congratulations, your software will be installed soon" or something like that.

In short:  Install the app via the web page.  
It fixed the problem for me.

Good luck!
Nope. I reset my tablet and now I'm having that error again.. worse, if I go to the play store and try the install via play store's web site, it still does't work!

You already tried the instructions I provided? You cleared out the app data for the play store, logged in again and rebooted your device (if necessary)?