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Full Version: Searching option
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I am a user of MobileSheets and in general i am very pleased about the product.

I have made a suggestion to the creator of the program and i would to ask you if you agree with me.

I would like to have a searching option inside Mobilesheets pro, like this:

I have imported a large pdf file with 150 pages. I would like to be able to search a specific title inside this pdf. At this moment i can't.

Do you have also the need of this option or not? Because Mike told me if the majority of the users needs this he will imported as an option.

Personally, I have no use for anything like this, I prefer to have my charts as individual PDFs.

However, it seems to me that you can only do this if there is some form of index file. If one doesn't exist, then how is it to be created?
Well, if the PDF is OCRed (which I guess is a prerequisite) then it might be useful to have a search which can find text. I reckon most PDF sheets are simply non searchable images.

I'm always for additional features but can't estimate how much work it is to implement this.

emix, did you have a look at the bookmark feature of MSP? If you're looking just for titles this might be sufficient for you. If your sheet has already PDF bookmarks MSP can import those, too.
It mainly depends on the PDF. If it is constructed by a music publishing program, it is very well possible that the titles of the songs are searchable.
If it is just a series of images (as most fakebook PDFs) then there is no searching. Even with OCR applied the results are usually horrible.
MSPro's CSV+PDF import feature is (currently) the best way to go.
I m using MSP with a little different way than the usual.

Actually, i have created a large pdf file (560 pages)!!!
At the beginning of the pdf i have an index file with the song titles and on the left i have numbers with the pages. So if i want to jump to a specific song i clicked the "go to" buttom and i jumped to the specific page. But sometimes it is more easy for me to write the song title and the MSP to find the song. But this options doesn't exists.

Anyway. If it is so difficult to implemented, i can stop asking from Mike to import this feature.
I recommend exporting your index as a CSV file and use the CSV import feature of MSP to add single songs to the MSP database.
Note: that will NOT duplicate your large PDF, just create database entries linking a song titles to the respective page ranges of the PDF.