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Full Version: Quick Action Box
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Since I'm continually hitting this when trying to turn a page by hand, I thought I'd take advantage of the new ability to move it - which I did, to the top right corner.

However, I see that if you have either the "show title bar" or "show next song" turned, on they mask half the Quick Action Box.   I use both these features and they hide nearly all of the Quick Action box.
Thanks Graeme, there is definitely a problem there. I'm reordering things in the layout so that the quick action box should show on top of the stuff at the top of the screen, but I want it to show behind the bottom section of the overlay, because it's easier to accidentally bring up the quick action box while interacting with the buttons at the bottom right or left (and it doesn't make sense to leave the bottom section of the overlay up all the time).

It's not a big problem, I'll leave it in your capable hands to sort when you have the time.