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Full Version: MSP Companion File Name/Size Columns
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Is it possible to add "File Name" and "File Size" to song tab (configure columns)?  It would be a great asset when spotting duplicate song titles that have inadvertently been linked to one file.
Thanks also for continuing to provide excellent support for this app.
The only reason I didn't add that column already is it requires that I load a lot of additional data out of the database that I normally defer until a song is actually edited or loaded. While this is important on the tablet to try and conserve memory and load times, it's probably not as big a deal on the PC. I'll see how big the impact is if I just read everything out of the database at startup so I can support this.

You're in luck - I was able to add this capability to the companion already and it all seems to work well. Loading all of the information was a little slower than I liked so I limited it to only the pieces needed for files.
Thanks for the prompt response Mike, look forward to the inclusion in a future companion upgrade.
Mike; thanks for adding my suggested fields in v2.3.0, very helpful. Steven...