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Full Version: Poll - Bluetooth Pedal Sleep Issue
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I'm trying to determine if users are experiencing problem with their bluetooth pedal going to sleep. I have had reports from several people that the Cicada PageFlip will seem to go to sleep, so the users will have to press the pedal several times (at which point they see a connection notification on their tablet) before the page turns.

I really need answers both from people having problems and people not having problems alike. What I'm looking for is:

a) Do you experience problems with the pedal going to sleep?
b) What kind of tablet do you have?
c) What Android OS version are you running?
d) How often does it happen, and after how long do you have to wait for the pedal to go to sleep?
e) If your pedal does go to sleep while using MobileSheets, does it also go to sleep while using other applications?

I really appreciate people taking the time to answer this so I can understand the nature of this problem. I cannot reproduce this issue on any of my tablets with my Cicada PageFlip, and I do not do any sort of special processing for bluetooth pedals (they are handled like input from a keyboard), so I'm out of ideas.

Thank you all,
Mine does go to sleep, but only after a reasonable time. It never goes to sleep in the middle of a song or anything like that. I've never timed it as I didn't consider it a problem, but I'll keep an eye out.
Mine only goes to sleep after a reasonable time of inactivity, and by reasonable, I mean after I realized that I forgot to turn it off. Smile I will say though, I do have to press the pedal twice if I used the screen for something (turning pages, annotations, etc.). But, this isn't a problem in performance since I won't be making marks then!
If I leave my tablet in a setlist or anything other than displaying music for too long, my BT105 will go to sleep. It has been annoying once or twice when it was down by the footboard of the organ where I can't just bend down and grab it to turn it back on. Also, when going back into music display mode, it takes a little while to reconnect, so it's not always ready to use as soon as I am.

Edit to include that I'm using an Acer Iconia A210 tablet with stock Android 4.1.

(04-04-2013, 10:28 AM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]a) Do you experience problems with the pedal going to sleep?
b) What kind of tablet do you have?
c) What Android OS version are you running?

a) Apparently not. I wasn't sure, but it just so happens that at tonight's band practice, after I set up my tablet and BT-105 pedal, the conductor passed out a new piece which we spent an hour rehearsing. When we resumed with music I already had on the tablet, the pedal was still connected and active. (This was with the tablet displaying the first page of a song, rather than sitting at the album display level. I don't know whether that matters, but I figured I should mention it just in case.)

b) Toshiba "Excite 13"


...but I should qualify the above to say that somewhere along the line, something improved dramatically.

When I first bought the BT-105, it seemed to drop out all the time, to the point where I bought a Pageflip Cicada to test to see what might be wrong (and that didn't seem to be any better).

I figured that was caused by flaw in my tablet's Bluetooth implementation (note that at time I was using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with Android 4.0.something), but soon after (probably following a MobileSheets upgrade, though if so I can't remember to which version) it started working perfectly.

- Steven
I used to have this problem a lot on my Nexus 7... but I found an app called Bluetooth Keepalive ( ) that has for the most part fixed the problem for me. It may not work for everybody, but might be worth giving it a try if you're having problems.
I keep my Cicada plugged in all the time. I thought the instructions said it was designed to turn off after 10 minutes of non-use. The bluetooth definitely shuts off after some time (maybe 10 minutes). On occassion (usually after at non-use for an extended amount of time (12 hours, etc.) I have to re-pair the bluetooth. I think that is worse than just losing the bluetooth (which comes back after hitting the pedal a few times). It's definitely not that speedy in turning the pages, but acceptable.