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Full Version: Metronome Oddity
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Not sure if this is an MSP bug or a hardware specific one.

On my latest backup tablet (10.1" running 4.4.2) only the LED and Metronome display. Nothing for Glow and Circle (the last being my personal preference).  

The larger Samsung tablet displays all modes.
I can't seem to reproduce this problem on any of my devices or in an emulator running 4.4.2. Can anyone else reproduce it? I'm not really sure what to look for at this point.

Thanks for looking at this. I had a little play with it last night, but came to no firm conclusion as towhat might be causing this. I note that, when changing from Metronome to one of the non-displaying modes, there is a single flash (Circle or Glow) and then nothing more.

I'm fairly convinced this is most likely a hardware/OS problem. I have another 10.1" tablet, which is very similar in spec (actually, it belongs to SWMBO) so I'll load up MSP on that and see what happens.
I just tried it on my NookHD+ and Asus, both the glow and circle worked ok.
Since she's out tonight, I had the chance to load MSP onto SHMBO's tablet. Everything worked fine, so I think this is going to have to be down to a hardware/firmware problem on the Allwinner.

Not a big deal - it's only a backup anyway and I doubt if I'll ever actually need to use it in anger on a gig. Even if I do, it's not a ball-breaker of a fault.