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Full Version: genre list
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I there a way to edit the genres shown in the list? There are some I never use, and many others that I have added, so it would be nice if I could delete those I'll never use?
Try long pressing.
I tried that, it has no effect, the entry in list menu stays the same, thanks for your idea tho'
That's odd, I long pressed one of the listed ones [hiphop], checked the box then deleted it.
Skip is correct - you should be able to long press to start the selection mode, then select one or more genres you want to delete, then select Delete at the top of the screen.
Thanks, that worked fine-I had not tried it with an empty list, when I left the song name off it worked fine. Smile
Should work with songs in it as well. I got a warning by MSP when I tried to delete a group with items in it.
All groups (Genres, Composers, Setlists, Albums, Types, Custom Group...) work the same: long press, set the checkbox of the group item that you want to change, then select "delete", "rename", "copy"
The songs that the group contains react as expected: If you rename a group, the songs are still members of the group, but show the new name. If you delete a group, it is removed from the songs that it contained before. If you copy a group, you are asked for the name of the newly created copy, the copy contains the same songs as the original. The songs are not affected otherwise.
E.g. I renamed all the Source Types according to my personal preferences