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Full Version: CSV Files: Cosimini: Gypsy Jazz Chord Book, Robin Nolan: Gig Book
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There's a thread to collect CSV files for import:
Please keep that thread clean and discuss general questions about CSV import in different threads.

Newly added CSV files added there for (scroll down to find the new posts):
- Colin Cosimini: Gypsy Jazz Chord Book Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4
- RobinNolan Gigbook
Collections of Gypsy Jazz tunes, chords only.

... more to come ...
Everybody's invited to add his / her CSV files.
In particular it would be welcome if someone could fill the "Keys" column for the five books above.
With the new %PAGE_ORDER% tag for generating song lists you should be able to export CSV files for fakebooks that you already have in MSP.
Nice, thank you. What does your source type 2S mean?
"source types" and "collections" are specified according to my personal needs and preferences, feel free to adapt or remove these columns to what you want to use.
Just if someone is interested, most of them will never occur in CSV files that I publish, here are my source types:
Ak - Akkorde (chords)
2S - 2 Seiten (2 pages), it's a typo, should be 2 S.
2 S. - 2 Seiten (2 pages)
3 S. - 3 Seiten (3 pages)
4 S. - 4 Seiten (4 pages)
5 S. - 5 Seiten (5 pages)
5+x S. - 5+x Seiten (more than 5 pages)
alles - (all, all pages of a complete fakebook)
2-stimmig (two voices)
LS - Leadsheet
CDR - PDF exported from a CorelDraw .CDR file
GIF - .GIF graphics
MSCZ - PDF exported from a MuseScore .MSCZ file
MUS - PDFexported from a Finale .MUS file
PRO - a ChordPro file
Du - Dummy, a placeholder containing only title and key, to be added into a setlist
Text - containing lyrics
TOC - table of contents (of a fakebook)
SHe - Spickzettel He (my cheatsheets, only hints, some words of the lyrics, a few chords, a few notes, usually not useful for someone else)
SRe - cheatsheets of one of my bandmate, as before
----- ----- ----- -----... to support "Set 1", "Set 2" separators

I attached a setlist that shows how I use it
Ah, I guessed that 2S could be pages. But I wasn't sure because your entries don't match up with the pages in the CJB Fakebook (I'm currently assimilating your CSV)
In older posts I removed the "source types" column before uploading CSVs to the forum. It makes sense to remove it, as it is my personal thing and not useful for others, but I would like to save the additional removing step in future.