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Full Version: Warning before exiting MSP
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A couple of times already I unintendly exited MSP because of pressing the Android back button one time too many.

I'd prefer a warning (like I've seen in other Android apps) for instance with the message to press back once again to exit.

It's no biggie, but with a big database it always takes a few seconds to restart. So I'd like to avoid unintended exits.

On a related note I would prefer if some of the message boxes wouldn't need clicks to make them disappear, especially those messages just reporting the success of a longer operation with no further option to influence (like importing, deleting and so on). Generally I like fewer clicks and fewer messages better.

BTW, is it possible to implement some progress bars for long operations like importing and similar operations? Or is this to difficult to implement for Android? The "Android hourglass" just tells nothing about the state of the operation and sometimes lets me think the system hangs.
I get warned before MSP is closed. I think you need to activate that in the settings.
It's in the Settings menu.  Go to 'Other Settings' and check 'Prompt before exit'.
Thanks Graeme. Once again MIke had the foresight to implement something I thought wasn't there.

Not the first time I requested something MSP already can do. (Sorry Mike, still maybe consider the other suggestions for message boxes?)
To my knowledge, there is a progress dialog displayed for any long action such as importing. Which feature in particular didn't show you a progress dialog?