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Full Version: Alphabetic sorting of songs
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Hi Mike

A little feedback from Denmark.

The sorting in Songs put songs with the Danish letter "Å" as first letter in title under "A".
The Æ and Ø works fine.

PS. If I can help again with updating the Danish translation, just say when.

That occurs with Danish selected as the active language for the app, right?

I'll absolutely take you up on your offer to update the Danish translation. I basically gave up on the Danish translation because my other translator disappeared, so there is quite a lot that needs to be done. Please send me an email at so I can respond with the files. I just want to make sure I have the correct email address for you.

Language is set to System Default in app, and system language on my tab is Danish.
It' the same when I choose English (or Norwegien) language in app.

There is a new option under Settings->Library Settings called Normalize Characters. I believe if you uncheck that, it will separate out the songs starting with Å. Is that what you are looking for?
Exactly. Thanks!
Sorting has ondergone many improvements since the initial implementation.
As it is right now, I think it would make more sense to consider alphabetical ordering to be really alphabetic, i.e. ignore any non-alphabetic characters from the sort.
This is often called "dictionary order".
Ignoring non-alpha should be applied to the titles only, so the sorttitle can still be used to override the order of particular songs.