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Full Version: Annotations
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I know you have big plans for revising annotations and that you have it on the back burner.  Have you given any thought to adding guitar chord fingering stamps or the abillity to add a blank fingerboard pattern so the user can make up his own chord fingering.  Better yet, the abillity to look up chord fingrering options from an outside source.  I dont remember seeing. This asked in any other thread.  If so I appologize for any duplication.
I'm not sure that is something that MSP really targeted at. The basic premise is the user already has an understanding of their instrument of choice. It's really not intended as a teaching tool. These type of additions merely slow down the intended purpose of its existence..
I must say that a blank fingerboard stamp wouldn't harm anything while still being useful at times.
There are lots of things like this on my list, I just don't know when they will make their way into the app. I'll try to see what I can do down the road after the rework on the annotations.