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Full Version: Yet another? Sorting anomality
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Song title: Un Canadien Errant (The Lost Canadian)

Article "Un" has been added to the list of to be ignored articles.

I actually can't reproduce this problem. Are you using some sort of custom sort title or something else that would throw it off?

It's a glitch that occurs when changing the ignored articles and disappears when MSPro is restarted.

I can reproduce this by:
* Remove "Un" from the list of ignored articles
* Restart MSPro, go to the Songs list.
"Un Canadian Errant" is now sorted with U.
* Add "Un" to the list of ignored articles.
* Back to the song list. Sometimes I need to go to another list and then back again.
* The "CA" entry appears.
* Restart MSPro.
* Everything okay.
Thanks - I think I know why that's happening and I have several ways of fixing it.