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Full Version: [fixed in 1.4.2] Text Editor - "Move"?
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What's the intended functionality of the button "Move" of the text editor? Currently when I tap "Move" it displays "Mobile Sheets will be closed" and MSP restarts
Looks like it's a crash related to Android versions - I used a function that isn't available across all Android versions. I'll release a fix for it shortly.

As far as what it does, it lets you move chords left or right one character at a time. I believe that was something you requested a ways back, correct? I remember adding that feature because you indicated it would be useful to you.

If not, I would have asked for it Smile.

But horrors... MSPro not only crashes ("... has stopped") but when I press [OK] it resumes with an "Initiazing database" spinner that never terminates. I need to go back to the Android home screen (back button does not work) and restart MSPro.

On the bright side, no information seems to have been lost.
FYI, on my tablet (Sony Xperia Z4 with Marshmallow) the move feature works without crashing. I think it's useful for chordpro users.

It would be even more efficient if there would be arrows for moving the chords whole words or lines up and down.
Also it might be useful to have a button to turn a selection into a chord so text tabs can be more easily converted to chord pro format on the tablet.

(But admittedly I'm writing this as a user who will rarely use chordpro files and the editor).
I don't see "initializing database" and the endlessly spinning circle. In my case MSP restarts immediately.
Android 4.4.2 vs. 4.4.4 vs. 6.x ?
The crash shouldn't be happening with version 1.4.2. Have you two updated yet?
Updated yet??? 1.4.2 is just a couple of minutes old Smile .
And indeed, 1.4.2 fixes it. Nice feature, nice implementation!
fixed in 1.4.2 - thank you for the quick fix and a new useful feature
I'm glad to hear it's working - you're most welcome.