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Full Version: Suppress randomizer
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The songs list (etc.) has an index "letter" ?, to make a random selection.
For me, it suits no purpose and I would like to be able to suppress this.
Sure thing. I created an enhancement request for this in bugzilla so I'll get to it at some point.

Would you prefer us making feature/bugrequests in Bugzilla?
No, it's fine to make them here as it's more visible to people (most people don't check bugzilla).
Digging out this old thread. I'm not sure if the suppressing feature is already in MSP.

But I've using the random selection more and more recently. 

I often have to scroll down to use it (and I rarely need the XYZ at the end). Is it possible, that the "?" could be placed at the top of the letter index so it's available without scrolling down? 

For those who might be bothered by the top position, there could always be the suppression option. :-)
No changes have been made for this yet. I suppose I could add an option for the random selection character placement, and supported values would be "top/bottom/hidden".  I want to say that this wouldn't be a difficult thing to add, but I would have to double check to ensure it doesn't intefere with any of the logic in the alphabet list. I'm trying to limit the amount of additional work I'm taking on until the iOS version is released, so I will still need to postpone this until then. Once that is complete, making a change like this is something that I can probably slip into an update rather easily.

Thanks. No hurry.