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Full Version: rotating jpg?
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When I shot lead sheets with my tablet's camera, they appear rotated 270° in MobileSheets wich is the landscape mode. Ok, this won't be a big deal normally. I easily can rotate a jpg in my tablet's photo editor and save it, the rotation included. Every photo viewing app will show the jpg upright (portrait). The only exception: MobileSheet. 
Whatever I do, MobileSheet ALWAYS shows jpgs the wrong way. So far the app is absolutely useless for me. If there is any tool in MobileSheet to get this right, they did a great job hiding it. 


Using Samsung Tablet 10.1 2014 edition
Edit>Files>lower left corner
I believe fitzli49 is using the original MobileSheets, not MobileSheetsPro. In the original MobileSheets, you can rotate an image by double-tapping the preview image, which rotates the actual file itself. MobileSheetsPro is a lot better in this regard as it supports rotating both images and PDFs and doesn't modify the original file. I'm going to move this to the appropriate sub-forum.

(03-24-2016, 01:00 AM)Skip Wrote: [ -> ]Edit>Files>lower left corner

Thanks, Skip!
There isn't any "Edit" in my version of MobileSheets. (It is MobileSheets Pro, by the way). When I click the picture in MobileSheets I have several symbols both on top and at the botton. No words, only symbols. arrows, pens, feather, star, triangle, triangle in circle, hammer and nippers.

Okay Skip, I got it! It's the feather. Problem solved, thanks a lot!
You can also long press any song to select it on the library screen, then tap "Edit" at the top to edit it.