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Full Version: %CAPO% support in song list
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withMobileSheetsPro 1.3.7 the support of %CAPO% is mentioned for the song list format.
Although I have set Capo value in the text file settings of some chordpro files, it doesn´t show up in the song list.
In the song list it always shows "%CAPO%". Seems like this tag is not supported in the song list or do I have to consider something else ?
%CAPO% is supported in the "Generate Song List Format" which can be accessed by long pressing a setlist, then tapping the overflow menu at the top right (three dots) then tapping "Generate Song List". It is not currently supported in the normal song title formatting because I don't load all of that additional text file information out of the database until it is needed (i.e. when the song is loaded).