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Hi everyone
Hope i am in the right section I have downloaded a gig book and i would like to move single songs into a setlist i seam to be stuck, is this possible i have read though the instructions but still getting lost. Hope someone can help. 
Many thanks Bill.
Click the gig book in the main library [Songs]>bring up the overlay [there will be a selection bar with icons across the top and bottom]>click the circle with triangle at the bottom left>select the snippet tool. You enter the page name/number[s] of the song you want. This will create an entry in the main library that can be treated like a single song.
There's another way to get the snippet tool also, but I don't remember how right now.

Found it. You can setup a spot on the screen to respond to a touch action; settings> touc & pedal settings>touch actions.

Edit; Separate the page numbers using a comma, 12, 13, 14, 15 , etc.
Hi skip
Thank you for the reply and the information will have a go with fingers crossed I am not brilliant on the computer side.
Many thanks Bill