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Full Version: Transfer set lists
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I've bought 5 tablets for our horn section to use in band gigs, and I have a few questions.

Can I make set lists from the Collections, or only from the full song list?  I was thinking of loading all 5 instruments charts on each, and put them in a different Collection (Trumpet1, Trumpet2, Sax1, etc.), and then build each person's set list from their collection.  However, it looks like you have to add set list tunes from the full song list, which would get confusing.  The alternative is just to load each instrument's charts on only one tablet.  The downside is if a tablet dies mid-performance.

Secondly, if I load each instruments charts on their tablet, but put them all on mine, and build set lists from there, what's the easiest way to get the set lists distributed to each tablet?  I'm fuzzy on the process.

You make set lists in collections, it's the overflow (3 dots icon, upper right). Not sure on the second, but putting them on Dropbox and importing may work. A wifi/bluetooth file transfer app may work, but may be a bit clumsy.
At the moment, there isn't an easy way to send a setlist just as a list of songs without files or metadata. This is something I'm going to be addressing in one of the next updates by introducing additional export options for setlists. The plan will be to add an option to export the list of songs in a setlist, and then on other tablets (assuming they have matching songs in their library), then can import that setlist and either create a new one or update an existing one.

So, to be clear, with the master set list in my hand, I can pull up Trumpet 1 collection, and drag the songs over to that gig's set list.  Then, I go to another pad and do the same for Trumpet 2.  If I want all 5 horn's set lists on each on (in case of a pad failure), then I can't transfer them, I have to build all 5 manually on each tablet.  I guess the easiest thing is to build them all in the companion and wipe and re-transfer everything to each tablet, right?