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Full Version: ChordPro: '#' comment not working as expected
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Lines starting with # are commented out and should be made invisible.
I came across an example where this is not the case: if the line that shall be commented out contains keywords like "title:" or "artist:" the comment is not working, see attachments.
I'll have to improve the comment detection with # so that it disregards those lines while processing things like title: and artist:.

Do you have a reason not to discard # lines immedeately after reading?
I discovered the behaviour after downloding that song and kept it willingly to report the issue. I even added the line with #{Title: myself to cross-check.
But yes, you are right, usually I just would have deleted the lines that annoy me.
On the other hand, sometimes it makes sense to keep lines that should not be displayed for later reference.
I'll change it to discard any line starting with a #, as the chord pro spec describes.
@itsme: Sorry for the confusion. My remark wat meant for Mike...