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Full Version: Black space instead of next page in vertical scrolling
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I use vertical scrolling for all of my music...and some songs are very short or have short pages that have been cropped down. So sometimes I'll see 3 pages on my portrait-oriented screen. Sometimes these 3 pages are all part the same song (with cropping to get the flow straight down the page without repeats), and sometimes it will be several short songs back to back that are only a couple lines each.

The problem is that sometimes I can see the 3rd page, and sometimes I see a black space instead of that page loading. (I always see at least 2 pages, or one full page and a partial of the next). 

It's pretty consistent in which songs will show up. The strangest part is that if I get the black space, I can turn a page forward and then a page backwards and now I can see the missing music instead of the blank space.

When it's separate songs, it's not a big deal. But when it's a song that I've spliced together for straight-down-the-page flow (repeat, D.S., Coda, etc), it's pretty important that I can see the next line.

Any ideas on how to fix this one?
In the vertical display, I cache two pages in each direction. That means you should be able to see three pages at a time on the screen at any time. If there is an easy and consistent way to produce this problem, please export the song to a .msf file so that I can test with the same thing you are using. I just tested this using file small pages of varying sizes and I always see at least three songs on the screen at all times - I never saw a black page.

I'll get a setlist tonight. You should be able to see both bugs that I've posted about in this setlist.
I'm not really sure how else to get this file to you as it is 35MB, but here is a link to Google Drive:

I assume it's huge because the songs are out of one huge 1000 page book, just cut out as snippets.

This setlist exhibits both problems I've posted about - the backwards loop and the blank 3rd page display.

There are a few pages where it will consistently not show the 3rd page - it appears to be the case any time there are multiple occurrences of needing to see 3 pages in a row... i.e, there are 4 short pages in a row, so I'll see the first three, but when I turn the page, the next one doesn't show. This happens three times in this setlist:

1. When I get the 2nd page of "This is the Day" as my top page, "Alleluia" is the next page, and the following page is blank.
2. "When We Eat This Bread" is the top page, "Amen" is 2nd, and the third is blank
3. "Amen" is top, "Lamb of God" is 2nd, 3rd is blank.

However, if I go backwards instead of forwards, I can see all three pages just fine. Note that "Holy", "When We Eat This Bread", "Amen", and "Lamb of God" are set up to all be one song (for ease of reusing them back-to-back every week in our church service)
I've downloaded the file and I'll start testing with it right now - thanks.
Vertical scrolling in portrait mode at full scale

Allow Zoom Out Past 100% - YES
Disable Page Turn Animation - YES
Repeat Mode - YES
Display Half Page Mode in Landscape - NO
Half-Page Turns in Landscape - NO
Separate Songs in Two Page Mode - NO
Link Point Default Size - 28
Background Image Color - Black
Night Mode - NO
Center Pages - NO
Show Formatted Song Titles - YES
Show Next Song Indicator - NEVER
Always Show the Title Bar - NO
Show Preview During Page Seek - YES
Overlay Toggle Mode - Long Press
Page Slider Visibility - Shown with Overlay
Render Preference - Speed
Dim the Navigation Bar - NO
Hide the Navigation Bar - YES
Fullscreen Mode - YES
I've identified the problem with the repeat not working thanks to using those settings. When "Hide the Navigation Bar" is enabled, the tablet was providing me an invalid screen size. I needed to change the code to use a newer lookup that automatically ignores the vertical space that would normally be used for the navigation bar. I'll include the fix in the update I'm releasing today.

The problem with the pages sometimes not rendering is due to the disabled page turn animations. I have a fix in place for that too now.