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Full Version: setlist "generate list of songs"
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It would be nice to have the option when generating a list of songs from a setlist to have the option of generating the list in the order of the setlist. (File menu, generate list of songs in the Companion)

Or is there another way to do this? What I want is to email just the list of songs to some folks. Apologies if I missed it!
On the tablet, you can find this option by long pressing a setlist, tapping the overflow menu at the top right and selecting "Generate Song List". I believe this should match the order of the setlist. Is this what you are looking for? Or did you have something else in mind? Or did you want this capability in the companion and the current functionality there doesn't match what you want?

I was looking for the capability in the Companion. You can already generate a list of songs from a setlist in Companion, but there's no option (that I saw) to keep the order of the setlist. This isn't a huge thing since it can be done from the tablet, but would be convenient for me since I put the lists in emails and just tend to do that on my desktop (real keyboard, big monitor) rather than on the tablet.
If you are a daredevil:

sqlite3 mobilesheets.db "SELECT a.Name AS 'Setlist',b.Title AS 'Titel' FROM Setlists a,Songs b,SetlistSong c WHERE a.Id=c.SetlistId AND c.SongId=b.Id ORDER BY c.Id"
Quote:If you are a daredevil

Otherwise, use this:

It's a small tool I made just for this purpose.
(PM me if you want a Linux version)
I've enabled support for all of the different kinds of sorting for setlists and collections in the generate list dialog.