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Full Version: Filter for notes and annotations
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I would like to find easily songs that have notes or annotations. Adding filter options to "additional filters" similar to the filter for songs with audio files would be great.
sqlite3 mobilesheets.db 'SELECT DISTINCT Songs.Id,Title,Path FROM Songs,Files,AnnotationsBase WHERE Songs.Id = AnnotationsBase.SongId AND Songs.Id = Files.SongId;'
Can you recommend a database tool for Android?
Being an open source advocate I'd suggest aSQLiteManager. It does a decent job.
I must add that although I'm a database expert, I never operate on a production database. I always make a copy first. This is expecially necessary when working with SQLite databases since SQLite does not have something similar to readonly access.

(I make automatic copies of the (Android) database to my (Linux) desktop, so I always have a copy at hand to play with.)
Thanks for your reply. Just wanted to post the same. I found aSQLiteManager last night and gave it a try on my way to work: it really does a nice job.
My copy of mobilesheets.db has to be on SD0, on SD1 I had a (not fully correct) error message "mobilesheets.db is not a database" - the everlasting Android hassle with SD1 and access rights again.
And YES, I made a copy first, I'm in IT too.
Accessing mobilesheets.db via SQL directly is great and offers a lot of new possibilities. But it's not a complete replacement for the comfort and conveniency of having such a filter integrated into MSP. I propose adding it to the "Additional Filters" dialog.
Alright, I added an issue for this in bugzilla so that I remember to make the change when time allows.

Great. Thank you.