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Full Version: Bookmarks and Setlists
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I've got a situation for an upcoming gig where I'd like some advice and/or make a feature request.

The gig is a mixture of songs in separate PDFs and a half dozen charts from a single large PDF that has about 100 songs.  The large PDF has bookmarks so I can jump to what I need, but for this gig what I'd really like is a set list.  Right now I've got all the individual songs in the list and the one big book file.  When there's a song that isn't in the set list, I open up the big book and look for the charts.

What I would love is a way to add Bookmarks to a set list the same as songs.  I could see this as being a really big help with fake books where you may be mixing/matching multiple books for a particular gig.

As far as I can tell, I can't do this now.  Am I missing something?  Is there another way to do this without blowing the master book PDF into a 100 individual song files?  


-- Ken
You could try snippets. Bring up your big pdf, then the overlay then the song you want. Click on the triangle in a circle on the lower left, select create snippet. Select the pages of the song you want. This will add the song in the main library where it can be managed like any other.
On the bookmarks window, there is a "Show All Songs" checkbox. If you check this, you can access bookmarks for any song in the setlist. Is this not sufficient? Or are you looking for something different?
(05-18-2016, 03:34 PM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]On the bookmarks window, there is a "Show All Songs" checkbox. If you check this, you can access bookmarks for any song in the setlist. Is this not sufficient?  Or are you looking for something different?

Mike, I can't seem to get this to work, so I'm probably doing something wrong.  
Here's what I'm doing:

1. Open book file, select <Star> to open the Bookmark dialog and select Show All Songs.  Close dialog.
2. Get out of book file and select Setlists tab
3. Select desired Set List.  It opens and then click Edit.
4. I don't see any of the bookmarks in the All Songs column.

I've verified the bookmarks show up in the Bookmarks tab.  BTW, I only see the bookmarks I added manually.  The PDF bookmarks that are in the original file don't show up in the Bookmarks tab.  

Am I doing something wrong?

-- Ken
What you need are "Song" entries in your library that look like the one in the screenshot. One entry for every song that you want to play from a specific book all referring to the same file, but having different title and page order entries. The file exists only once on the tablet and the songs can be used as any other songs. I use this all the time without any problems.
In your case, as your book already contains PDF bookmarks probably the easiest way is like this:
- from the "Songs" tab click the button "Import".
- A dropdown menu opens, choose "CSV or PDF Bookmarks"
- navigate to your book's PDF and select it
- a window opens, entitled "Select Songs to Import" that shows the bookmarks of your book's PDF
- check the checkboxes of the songs you want to import and click OK
- that's it
There are several other ways to create such songs:
- "snippets" as proposed by skip
- import the file once and edit title and page order for one of the songs it contains, then copy the song and edit title and page order of the copy to show another song
- prepare a list of the songs in the book as a .CSV. This can contain a lot more information as PDF bookmarks and is used in the same way, as described above
ksmelcer, The big pdf probably s/b included in the setlist, "~you can access bookmarks for any song in the setlist."
Thanks for the help!  The PDF Bookmark import was exactly what I needed.  I'll have to play with the "snippets" idea sometime, but for now I'm good to go.  

I love this app!

-- Ken
Resurrecting an old thread. I had been looking for a way to build set lists from PDF bookmarks forever, and this did the trick. I wish I had discovered it sooner. However, one addition would have made it go a lot smoother. Would you consider adding the ability to specify a target Collection ahead of time? This would save me having to manually move thousands and thousands of songs into specific collections after the import.

If you start the import from the desired collection, that collection will be used as default.