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Full Version: [148] No access to google drive
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This is happening on all my devices that updated to MSPro 148.
Whenever trying to access Google Drive there is a message 'can not access "root"'. Sometimes preceeded by an other 'can not access' message.

On my only device that is still on MSPro 147, Google Drive is ok.

There was a minor update I downloaded to the Google Drive libraries and I didn't think anything of it. I certainly didn't think it would break the Google Drive connectivity, but unfortunately, it has. I'm either going to fix what is going on or revert the update, and then release version 1.4.9 to fix it.

I had to search through Google's release notes, but it appears with this latest update I had to include additional libraries that they no longer bundle together. After doing this, Google Drive appears to work again. I'll push out an update right now.

Whow that's really fast service!

Can confirm the fix, it now connects again.

Thx Mike!
I was glad I could fix it quickly - you are quite welcome, and thanks again for reporting the issue.

Very impressed with how quick this issue was fixed. I've recently purchased MobileSheets Pro and have been setting it up on a new tablet. My group stores our material on DropBox but I have a lot of other song sheets on Drive that I wanted to import. Hit this error and decided to Google a solution. Within a few minutes found this thread, downloaded the update and all was well.

A fantastic product that exactly suits my needs and first rate customer support. What more could you ask for!
Does anyone still experience this issue? I am actually having the same problem. I am working on a samsung tab and when i am trying to access google drive it shows the message "impossible access a root"
i have to upload file by file manually.

any help would be highly appreciated.

Are you running version 2.1.4? If you go to Settings->Storage and try to change the Google Account (just to force it to log in again), does that have any impact? What about if you go to Settings->Storage->Backup Library and you choose Google Drive? 

I know it's an older thread, but I'm running into the exact same problem with the most recent version 2.6.8.

Could it be a 'problem' then a version bought through Amazon has the problem, but a version directly bought in the Play Store?
ANd if so, is there a way to give MBSPro access to GoogleDrive?
What kind of device are you running? Does it have Google Play Services installed on it? Under the permissions for MobileSheetsPro, have you granted contacts?

(08-10-2019, 03:26 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: [ -> ]What kind of device are you running? Does it have Google Play Services installed on it? Under the permissions for MobileSheetsPro, have you granted contacts?


It's a TrekStor theatre 13.3 and MobileSheetsPro has access to the contacts. I have 2 of those tablets here, one uses a license obtained through GooglePlay and that one works fine. The other tablet is using a license bought through Amazon and that one cannot GoogleDrive through MSP, though Drive and Play is installed and the Drive App does have access to it's account.
Both tablets have the same version of Android, the same version of MSP.

It seems that the problem is the supplier. Replacing the Amazon version with the GoogleDrive version was the fix. So apparently there is a GoogleDrive connection problem with the software version bought through Amazon. So the workaround is to NOT buy at Amazon, but directly in the Play store.

Thanks for the update Udo. The weird part about that is I do all my testing with the Amazon version, so you would think I would see issues with the Google Drive connection during my testing, but I do not. I sure hope Amazon isn't messing with my submitted APK in some way that messes up the Google Drive integration. I'd be curious to hear from other users of the Amazon version to see if they have the same problems.