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Full Version: "Show Next Song Indicator" doesn't work with "Automatically Load Next Song"
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With "Automatically Load Next Song" = ON and "Always Load Whole Setlist" = OFF, "Show Next Song Indicator" doesn't work at all.
With "Always Load Whole Setlist" = ON it works fine. But this is not usable for me because I use both ChordPro and PDF files and turn the tablet from portrait to landscape format every now and then. With this mixture of scores turning the tablet completely confuses MSP when "Always Load Whole Setlist" is ON.
That's a very interesting observation. I'm curious if that's the behavior people would desire - if the "show next song indicator" is enabled, and you aren't in a setlist, but you have automatically load next song on, would you expect to always see the next song indicator for every song you view? In that scenario, it would pretty much be visible non-stop. This may be fine though, as people can always disable it if they don't want to see it. I'm just curious what everyone thinks the best behavior is.

Regardless of what happens with that, MSP certainly shouldn't be confused by a combination of PDF and chord pro songs in a setlist. If rotating the tablet is not responding correctly, I need to fix whatever is going on there.
What I really need and request is that "Show Next Song" works as long as I am in a setlist. 
In other views it could be useful, but is imho not essential. For "Albums" or "Collections" it makes probably more sense than for some of the other lists, but I think it won't do any harm. The most convenient solution would be the "Show Next Song Indicator" setting extended by "show only for setlists" / "show for all lists"
The confused sequence is probably caused by the fact that ChordPro songs need a different number of pages in portrait and in landscape format. I think we discussed that already a long time ago.
If you want to try it yourself: unzip and import the attached .msf setlist, start at "2. Set", step forward and backward through the setlist and check the screenshot of the list and the "Next Song Indicator" against what is displayed and what you expect.
To fix it: it should not be too difficult to make sure that the song on the display and the next song shown in the "Next Song Indicator" do not change when the tablet orientation is changed. It is fully acceptable if another page of the same song is displayed.
I believe I finally have a fix in place for this. I store the current song and relative page before the orientation change is processed, then try to resume viewing that same page after processing. I also modified the next up song bar to be shown when using the "Automatically Load Next Song" option as you desired.