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Full Version: Duplicate file detection bug
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Hi -- I'd like to report a bug...

Some of the song titles I have contain parentheses.  When I try to re-import a song that contains a parenthesis, MobileSheets Pro adds an extra space to the title right after the open parenthesis.  Example:

    I Want To Hold Your Hand (Best Version)


    I Want To Hold Your Hand ( Best Version)

The net effect is that MSPro doesn't recognize the new song as a duplicate file because of the extra space.  So I wind up having to delete the old song and edit the new song to have the correct name and re-add other song attributes.  Kind of an unnecessary pain.  I don't believe it has always been this way.  A recent version update may have introduced this issue.

Hope it can be addressed soon.  Thanks.
I have a fix in place for this now.

Great. Thanks!