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Full Version: Another reformatting issue
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I have a 3-page ChordPro song. When displayed it looks like the screenshots 1, 2, and 3 (attachment 1). Notice the position of the red annotation on the last page.
(I needed to combine the 3 pages into a single image due to the forum limit of 5 attachments.)

When on the first page, I enter annotation mode (3-fingers touch). Then I use the "next page" arrow. See screenshots 4, 5, and 6 (attachment 2). Notice that the final comment on page 1 is gone, and the last line of page 2 is repeated on page 3, and hence the text under the annotation on page 3 has shifted.

Also notice that the 2nd page doesn't seem to be shrunk when in edit mode.
This problem still exists in 1.5.7.
I somehow missed this post, thanks for letting me know.
I also can't reproduce this issue on my Nexus 10. I guess I'll try to see if I get different behavior on my Samsung Note Pro.
Also couldn't reproduce the issue on my Samsung Note Pro. If you have any ideas for what I might not be doing right, let me know.
For the time being I think this is related to the other reformatting issue. Let's concentrate on that one first.
1.5.8 seems to have nailed the other issue. Unfortunately this one (or a variant) still exist.

Mike, using the backup I sent you:
* Open 1.5.8
* Select collection 'September'
* Select song 'Rond'
* 3-finger touch
Page 1 in edit mode is identical to the original page. Note that is not narrower.
* Touch the right arrow
Page 2 is okay, too. Note the last line "Maar we zijn vandaag ...".
* Touch the right arrow
Page 3 is narrower, and repeats the last line of page 2.
Annotations made on this page will be out of sync when the song is shown out of edit mode.

Can you reproduce this?
I believe I've located the problem and fixed it. Thanks for the help.