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Full Version: "Cancel" Button in Annotation Editor missing
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I just changed to a 13" Hannspad tablet and I am now missing the cancel button and the previous/next page arrows in the annotation editor.
I do only see the Save button  (or "Speichern" in my german version), see picture attached.

BTW, I had and still have them on my old tablet, an Acer 10".

Any idea how to get back those helpful buttons?
This is actually based upon the resolution/screen density. Oddly enough, your tablet is reporting that it only has a "large" screen density, which puts it in the same group as 7" tablets. Due to this, it's using a layout where the cancel, next and previous buttons are not visible. The next and previous buttons are under the menu at the top left because they don't fit on a 7" screen. The cancel button isn't necessary because you can just hit the hardware back button on the tablet itself to exit the annotations editor.

Here's what I will do - I will change the Save button to a save icon to reduce the amount of space used and add the previous/next arrows back at the top. I will also ensure that the top section can scroll horizontally (I believe it's already set up to do this) to handle smaller tablets. I don't think the cancel button is really necessary though. I could add a cancel icon to go with the save icon if it really does add value. Let me know what you think.

Hello Mike,
thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I noticed very big symbols on my tablet (resolution is 1920 x 1080 Pixel...), but it's odd to report a large screen density. I agree, the back button could also be used as a cancel (but there is an additional "are you sure" question). Doesn't matter. But the previous/next buttons would be very helpful.

Edit: Is it perhaps possible to override the system reporting manually and to tell MSP that I have a "small screen density" by including a switch or setting for that? I really have enough place for that additional buttons/icons :-).