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Full Version: Setlist with "Next Song"
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When enabling "Next Song Indicator" always, the pages are shifted down to make room for the "next Song" bar, but this causes the bottom line(s) to be cut off.

When I tap the page to proceed to the next page, only a partial scroll is performed.

When I disable the "Next Song" display everything shows allright and tap proceeds to the top of the next page.

When setting "Next Song Indicator" to "last page", tap proceeds to the top of the next page until it hits the last page of the song. The next song bar is shown, and subsequent taps will scroll partial.
The only way I can see this working the way you want is if I render the page smaller in anticipation of the next song bar being shown. That way it fits the page perfectly while the song bar is shown. I'll work on getting this fixed.

Should be fixed in v1.5.3. I reduce the available page height by the next song bar height before rendering so the pages fit properly into the available space.