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Full Version: Slower Rendering
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Apart from the missing chords problem (in another thread) I am definitely seeing a slower render of some PDF files from v 1.52 on.

I have no idea why this should be, but it's making MSP unusable, particularly when it's a second or more page that is delayed.

If this can't be resolved, I am going to have to ask your help in rolling back to a prior version.
I'm not seeing any difference in rendering with either the P900 [xx.3] or the asus [xx.2] from the earlier version.
I'm happy to help you revert if you want Graeme, but I'd really like to figure out why this is happening. Skip appears to be using the same P900 tablet running 4.4.2, so I think we can rule out a device or OS problem. The only thing that leaves is possible differences in settings. This may be hard to narrow down though... I wish I had an easy way to export just settings, but this isn't possible at the moment. You'd have to create a full library backup with settings included, or document relevant display settings (which could be a pain). If everything was working fine for you in v1.5.1, then I'm definitely not sure what is going on, as I didn't change much.

Skip is using the same tablet, so I'm sure we can exclude that from our deliberations. We have different 'second' tablets and this problem shows on both of mine (but, although he didn't explicitly state it, not on his). This suggests it might be differences in the way the PDF files have been generated. All I know is it worked well before the latest update.

Lets see what happens when you fix the 'missing chords' problem - I have a feeling this is all related.
The render speed is fast [normal] on both of them. I also loaded xx.3 on the Nook just now, the speed is a bit slower occasionally [randomally], which happened before the upgrade also, but still fast on quality.

If needed, I will give settings on my devices.