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Full Version: 1.53: Annotations made harder?
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I just upgraded from 1.50 to 1.53 and discovered this:

Opening the annotations editor can lead to a vertical displacement,
making it impossible to annotate the top of the page.

This doesn't happen for every song, though, and I can get around
it by changing Page Scaling Mode from "Full screen" (my preferred)
to "Fit Screen".

But I'm sure this is new behavior in 1.52 or 1.53.

I'm pretty sure this was still an issue with 1.5.0, because nothing I changed would impact this. Do you have "Center Pages" enabled under the display settings? If so, unchecking this will push the bottom of the page off the screen instead of the top. In either case, the page can be panned by using a two finger tap to switch to the pan tool, then move the page, then two finger tap again.

I'm not sure what the best solution is to this problem. There is less screen space available in the annotations editor with the toolbar at the top, so I either need to re-render the image to account for this, disable the center pages option in the annotations editor, or apply an extra scaling factor to account for the bar at the top, but this could cause all sorts of bugs with tracking the scaling factors for the annotations. I'm tempted to go with the first option, but obviously this would have a negative impact when people need to frequently enter/exit the annotations editor with files that render slowly.
For now, I'm going to ensure that pages aren't pushed under the toolbar at the top (equivalent to having center pages disabled when full page scaling is used). I think this is probably sufficient unless you think it's a problem to have to pan to get to the very bottom section of the page. I think this approach is best as I don't have to re-render the page or worry about the scaling being incorrect between the annotations editor and the main display.