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Full Version: Changing artists, composers, ...
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To associate an artist (composer, ...) with a song, I can select an existing entry from the dropdown list, or add a new entry.
Is it possible to change an entry? For example, I have composer "JJ Cale" and I want to change this to "J.J. Cale".
Maybe even merge "JJ Cale" into an existing "J.J. Cale"?
I think i have done that several times already. Should work as it is.

Simply select to edit and use rename. Renaming to existing entry merges.
I must be overlooking something trivial...
Indeed. You can rename from the artist TAB, while I was looking for a rename from the pick list.
And usually I have the artist TAB hidden so it didn't occur to me to look there.

Reassuring that I'm not the only one who is overlooking and requesting features that are already there. :-)