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Full Version: Flic Button to turn pages?
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Hi - I recently got my hands on a Flic button and was wondering whether anyone had sussed out how to use this to turn the page in MobileSheets? The Flic App doesn't seem to map to basic functions such as page up or page down, as far as I can tell, but then, that's not all that far...

If you are using MobileSheetsPro, you can map any key command that is received to an action. Just go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions, tap the Key 1 field, clear the keys, then press the Flic button, and see what comes up. If nothing comes up, then it can't be used with MS Pro. If any key comes up, then you are good.

I looked at the Flic some time ago and came to the conclusion that it wasn't going to work with MSP. Whether anything has changed since then, I don't know.
(06-25-2016, 10:30 AM)GraemeJ Wrote: [ -> ]I looked at the Flic some time ago and came to the conclusion that it wasn't going to work with MSP.  Whether anything has changed since then, I don't know.
Thanks, I am still experimenting with it, but the documentation on the flic is very light.... probably getting a proper pedal after all.
Apart from the Flic, I looked at other options for being able to turn pages by pressing a button. For example, I tried a modified bluetooth mouse, which was stripped down to it basic mechanics and then attached to the instrument.

As a guitarist I really need two hands to play - and this is the case for most instruments. In the final analysis, I decided that using a finger was not the best option and went for foot control instead. It's a decision I stand by - foot control is far more ergonomically efficient.
In my personal opinion (which is biased by my physical conditions) the foot switch is ideal when playing while seated.
When standing I find it much harder to keep track of the pedal (I cannot stand still while playing so I need to look down to see where the pedal is). Also, I've got 1.5 bad legs and it is often distracting to try balancing on one leg so the other foot can push the pedal.
So I'm still searching for alternatives... Maybe something like a B-Bender?
Mount a foot high enough to reach with a knee or?
A u t o - s c r o l l, once set up properly for each song in the setlist, makes any action to turn pages obsolete.
All you have to remember is to activate it, just before you begin to play a song. (I have the top center tap reserved for activating auto-scroll.)
Depending on how your set is organized you can even start auto-scroll automatically whenever you load the next song (with individual delay per song for introductions).
In most cases it's probably preferable to n o t have it start automatically, as you'd give away a bit of control otherwise.
Just don't forget to tap the activation spot before you're heading off into the song (I'm good at forgetting this, and fall back on the pedal in that case).
Compared with pedal page turns, let alone screen tapping, auto-scroll is very relaxing.
I set my autoscroll to use a 2 finger tap [or one pedal], accuracy not required to start/stop, and sometimes set the speed a bit fast to allow for tempo variations [pedal controlled].

in the meantime, Flic 2 has been released, see 
I does work well on iPads, but in our choir those who have an android tablet could not get it to work with MSP. Has anyone succeeded to use Flic button as a page turner? Or is integration in MSP required first?
I responded to your other post here:

Integration will be required in order for MobileSheetsPro to support the Flic buttons.

Sorry for double-posting