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Full Version: Flickering and black display
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I use a HannSpree 13.3 with MobileSheets Pro since 4 weeks now. Every now and then I have some problems with displaying the scores: I am just playing thru the score and everything ist fine. But then the display flickers really fast for a moment. When I encounter this problem most of the time it is flickering more frequently, until I change the page. It seems, that some pages flickers more often than others, but I can not reproduce it.
Sometimes it happens, that die display goes to black. Sometimes immediately after it flickers, sometimes without flickerung.

All this happens only when displaying the scores and never in the song list or other Apps. I never saw the problem with "night mode" on, but I did not try it for so long. I tried several settings but I couldn't solve the problem.

Do you have some advice for this issue?

Thank you,

There are several forum members using the same tablet as you, but I've never seen anyone flagging up this problem. On the face of it, I rather suspect this ia hardware related and nothing to do with the software.

Do you have access to another tablet on which you can try MSP ?