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Full Version: About 600 Celtic tunes (CSV + PDF)
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596 publicly available Celtic tunes from the Vashon Celtic Tunes archive. Unlike most other archives this one contains melodies plus chords.


Compiled by Steve Austin (saustin98(at)comcast(dot)net).
A Note on the Sources:

These tunes come from a variety of sources. Some are from sessions from over the years, and are just a best recollection. Others are transcribed from CDs (notably, anything from The Bothy Band or Kevin Burke). Others are from books like O'Neill's, or a personal favorite, Smoke In Your Eyes, a wonderful collection from Kevin Gow. Order it at Fish House Music or pick one up at Dusty Strings Music in Fremont (Seattle). O'Neill's is usually considered The Bible by Irish musicians, but "Smoke" is definitely your "Desert Island" tune book. Highly recommended. Smoke's versions are much closer to what actually gets played in sessions nowadays than O'Neill's. (But you should have a copy of that as well!).