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Full Version: Another reformatting issue
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Visit a song in portrait mode.

Switch to landscape.

Portrait again. Note that the last line of the song file is somehow inserted at the top.
This was a weird problem, but I was able to reproduce it and fix it. Thanks for providing the document and pictures - it really helped.

You're a great guy!
But we're still not there. The attached song really screws up.

Here's the chorus (specified with {start_of_chorus}...{end_of_chorus}):

Here's the chorus recall ({chorus}). Note that the 2nd line is missing:

Here's the 2nd line... At the end of the recall, just before the next chorus.

And yes, this is 1.5.5.
I was able to reproduce this, so I'll work on getting it fixed for the next release. Thanks for letting me know.
The garbling of the lines is gone in 1.5.7, but the problem that the page contents changes after portrait → landscape → portrait still exists.
Which file are you using where the page contents change after rotating back and forth? I tried both of the files in this thread and the content was exactly the same regardless of how many times I rotated portrait->landscape->portrait. I tried with both the single page display mode and the vertical scrolling display mode. I had the landscape display mode set to the single page display mode and didn't change that.

The first time after opening the song from the songs list it is too short. After rotating and back, it is (what I consider) as it should be. This doesn't change anymore when rotating again.
But when I visit another song, and then this song again, it is too short again.
See .
This song is attached, but this happen with almost all of my ChordPro songs.
My guess is that MSPro initially thinks there's a bottom overlay.
Would you mind providing your text display settings for the song? I notched the text size up to 31 (the simple setting) and it appears to be the same as yours, but when I rotate back and forth, I get different behavior than you. Thanks for your help in tracking this down.

At first glance it looks like 1.5.8 nailed it!
hi guys haven't been here for a while, love all the new features mike, I have a bit of a problem I notice all my links and any annotation, vanish once I get to the end of a song, when I load up they are all there but when I tap to go back to the beginning all the links and any annotations are missing, I get them back when I reload the song, I notice there is a small whirling circle when it reloads, never noticed that before, any ideas , thanks