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Full Version: Import CSV or PDF Bookmarks from Dropbox
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Normally I do not use Dropbox, but I was invited to do some experiments.
In my Dropbox I have a PDF and the associated CSV. How can I import these?

When I select Import CSV or PDF Bookmarks, then Dropbox, and then the PDF, it downloads the PDF and I get the bookmarks of the PDF, not from the CSV.
When I select Import CSV or PDF Bookmarks, then Dropbox, and then the CSV, it complains that it cannot find the associated PDF.
And sometimes the PDF and CSV meet (in the Dropbox cache?) and it works.

So the question is: What is the correct way to import "CSV or PDF Bookmarks" from Dropbox?
You are doing everything correctly - there is just a bug in the app right now. I've had the bug fixed for weeks, but I've been waiting for this next update to be ready before releasing everything. I'm now just waiting for updated translations before I can release it.
Would there be room for the following extension/improvement?

Importing a PDF makes sense, even without CSV.
Importing a CSV without PDF maken no sense. So when importing a CSV and there is no PDF with the same name in the same folder, it would be nice to have an additional dialog to choose the PDF.

This makes it possible to store CSV and PDF in different places.
Yes, that should be doable. I added a bugzilla issue for it so I don't forget to make the change when time allows.
At this moment my procedure is: go to CSV or PDF bookmarks then go to dropbox
Download the pdf. It gives you the possibility to import the bookmarks and then I don't need to import the csv.
If I want to import the csv as well I cancel the bookmarks import procedure. It seems that the downloaded pdf stays present somewhere at my tablet since if I then download the csv it gives me the possibilty to import all the songs and the csv will still find the previously downloaded pdf.
So for me both procedures function correctly already.

What did't function is that if you download a csv that it automatically should download the pdf if it were present in the same dropbox directory as the csv. If it did function like that it were a simplified additional procedure. It is not that I require this since my own procedure is to have both files in separate directories.

The only confusing things for me were that I had to figure out that I had to cancel the bookmark import after downloading the pdf to prevent creating a double import from songs. And that a downloaded pdf by directly going to dropbox (instead of via CSV or PDF bookmarks) is never found by the csv.

Then there is another peculiar thing: the pdf's are stored in directories with names of the first song available in the pdf instead of the original file name. This pdf storage is created after all songs of the csv are imported. If 2 pdf's start with the same song name they both are stored in the same directory.

So yes it functions, and yes it could be simplified by automatically downloading a pdf from the same directory in case present. And it is not clear how it functions when you start the first time.

What I should like to see added is that, if you only imported the bookmarks from a pdf it also should automatically import an albums name. The choice would be the name which has been stored in the properties of the pdf (which I always add) and if not present the file name. Anyway to have an albums name present gives you also a possibility to select the album and delete all songs in one run instead of the need to select all songs one by one ( as I did with 500 songs) to get rid of a complete album that is imported via the bookmarks.

Nevertheless your MSPro is a great tool! Thank you!

Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70F Lollipop: 5.0.1
(08-15-2016, 05:32 PM)robipad Wrote: [ -> ]What I should like to see added is that, if you only imported the bookmarks from a pdf it also should automatically import an albums name.

Since the CSV has to be created (semi-)manually anyway, it is trivial to add an additional column for that.
I always add a "collections" column, but "album" may be a good candidate as well.
Introducing a new tab "collections" does not have my preference if "albums" is already the default available tab. Then, I'm not so sure you've to start right away creating csv's if several books can be added and used already by just adding the available bookmarks and the albums name. I noticed that the end page number is also automatically calculated by finding the next bookmark number from the next song and subtracting 1 so the previous song does really has a start and an end page number already!? (Previously in this thread I asked for it but it is actually already like that!).

New users can start right away searching songs and start playïng after importing some books. You could use copyright free books as examples.