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Full Version: Extract Backup - songs shift to wrong file
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I am trying to back up my library on my PC, so I connect and create a backup. Now I want to view all the files on my PC, so I select that backup and extract it. Problem is, during the extraction, several songs give me an error during the extraction and afterwards if I browse through the files, at some point in the alphabet (depends on which backup I use), all of my songs are mistitled, shifted up one place in the library. 

For example, my file titled "Hungry" is actually "Hymn to the Fallen" when I open it.

.PNG files all appear to be damaged as well, and a few pdfs will not open.

The majority of my files are snippets of larger books, and there are just empty directories for all of those songs. If there was a way to skip those files, that would also help.
That definitely sounds like a bug in the companion application. I may need to get my hands on that backup file to reproduce the issue. Email me at if you'd be willing to upload the file so I can test with it, otherwise I'll have to see if I have any luck with the test files I have.
It may be worth mentioning that I'm using Windows 10, 64 bit.
Thanks to the backup you sent me, I found a major flaw in my processing of backup files in the extraction dialog. Once I fixed this, I was able to successfully extract everything from your backup file without issue. I also no longer create empty folders. I'll include this fix in the next companion update.

Awesome! And that was fast too! Looking forward to the next update.
I know I'm late to reply, but your update works flawlessly! Thanks!