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Full Version: Song Title Formatting
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would it be possible to suppress from (being displayed) any "hard coded" characters in the second line title (Caption Format) when the variable(s) in that second line have no value(s)?
Some songs just have the song name (in the first line) and nothing in the second. The second line then shows  "()" or ",", (whichever is defined in the settings), and this looks odd.
Also, the first line would be height centered wasn't it for those separation characters in the second line.
Of course, this is applicable only if more than one field is selected in "Caption Format", and some characters are set to separate the values.
Only if this doesn't require heavy coding, obviously.

Isn't the syntax for not showing empty fields on page 20 of the handbook what you're looking for?
Fantastic, thank you BRX!
It even allows me to suppress the c l o s i n g bracket character when the field has no value.
Looks nicer now!