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Full Version: [1.5.9] App does not close normally after MIDI cable auto launch
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After starting MSPro by clicking it's icon on the desktop, it will close normally (when requested). (I use exit confirmation).

However after MSPro started automatically by plugging in the MIDI cable it will not close normally (when requested).
In stead of closing (after the exit confirmation) it will show an empty screen with only a blue bar at the top, showing the text "MobileSheetsPro" left aligned.
Clicking the "back" arrow will then close MSPro and show the android desktop.


I also noticed that if I first start MSP manually, and then plug in the MIDI cable, a second instance of MSP seems to be loaded.
When I then close that second instance it shows the blue bar as described higher, and when closing that, the first instance library screen (or whatever screen that first instance was on) of MSP reappears.
Thanks Rudy - I'm looking into this right now. The changes I made so that relaunching the app from the home screen returns to the last viewed page is conflicting with the MIDI stuff for some reason.
I have code in place now to handle this properly. That screen with the blue bar is now automatically closed. I'll spare you the details, but I'm having to play some funny games in order to get things to work correctly with all of the different ways the application can be launched or relaunched. As a side note, if you are on a different screen such as the song editor and you decide to plug a MIDI device in, it will have to restart the application with the proper permissions so it will exit back to the main activity screen. I believe it always did this, but it actually behaves a little better now (if you were viewing a song, for example, it will go back to viewing that song - it's only the subactivities that are closed).
Thanks Mike!