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Full Version: Addition to Title Bar?
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Mike, the Touch Actions are great to have, I assigned them for autoscroll, metronome, start/pause player.
Also the two finger Reset Pan and Zoom is very useful.
One observation after having tried the right and left corner for "go to next / previous song":
This can interfer with the touch action to go to the next PAGE, especially if someone next to me tries to be helpful.
The Title Bar, in my opinion, would be a great place to host two "arrows" for the "go to next / previous song" action.
Would this be possible?
That's an interesting idea Ben, but I'm not sure the title bar is the best place for additional buttons, especially ones that not every user is really going to want to use. It's already pretty crammed with content, especially on smaller devices. I think what I might need to add are programmable touch buttons that can be placed on top of scores. These would be kind of like link points, but when you tap them, you can control what action occurs. This idea has been requested in the past, and I think once implemented, it would meet your needs.
Thanks Mike, ideally it should be a quick one touch action that leads you to the next or previous song. And it should be "impossible" to hit it accidentally when you want to flip to the next or previous p a g e .
On Mike's to do list is also more touch actions by long press. With that it's probably just as convenient to configure two areas for next and previous song which I like better than more buttons cluttering the screen.