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Full Version: MobileSheetsPro 1.6.3 and MobileSheetsPro Companion 2.4.9 Released
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I released a couple more updates to revert the connection changes and to fix a few bugs. The changes are as follows:

MobileSheetsPro v1.6.3
  • Fixed cropping error where bounds are incorrectly calculated when cropping all files in a song
  • The capo indicator is now only shown on the first page of a song
  • Fixed potential issues when opening a large number of PDFs
  • Fixed issue where songs might not reflect changes in the group editor under certain conditions
  • Fixed error that occurs if a file is added, cropped, removed, added back and then cropped again in the song editor
  • Changed the page turn arrows in the song editor to use color so they will show up on top of a score
  • Added support for text files encoded with windows-1252
  • Reverted the changes to the companion connection code. Only one port is used for the connection again.
MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.4.9
  • Reverted connection changes so that a single port is used again.
  • Added support for text files encoded with windows-1252
I was waiting for this new release, in the hope that it would cure my connection problem (which I reported after the last release - ).

Unfortunately, I still can't connect to the Samsung P900 - neither automatically nor manually. I can get a manual connection to the eStar, but no automatic link.

I'm not greatly concerned about having to make a manual connection - it's no big deal - but I am concerned that I can't link the PC to the Samsung in any way at all.