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Full Version: Companion still crashing when editing bookmarks
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MobileSheets Companion still seems to be very unstable while editing bookmarks to PDFs - here are a few problems that have been present since I started using the program at the end of last year but have still not been fixed yet:

1. If you add a bookmark, then go back and edit its name or page, the bookmark will disappear.

2. If you drag the page slider in the Bookmarks window too quickly, the program will freeze and crash, losing any changes you made.

3. If you upload a PDF and add bookmarks to it at the same time, the bookmarks will not save - you have to click OK, wait for the new PDF to be uploaded and appear in the song list then go back to the Edit Song window and add bookmarks from there.
Thanks for the bug report. I'll make sure this is addressed for the next update.