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Full Version: Use Collection like Setlist
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Sometimes (ie when looking for pieces out of a band's repertoire for the next gig) I'd like to treat a whole collection just like a setlist, so the forward/backward swishes (or taps on the pageturner) would work like they do when one is in a setlist.
It does for me. Even if I don't use the “load all“ before. What doesn't work for you?
You can "select all" and create a new, temporary setlist from a collection
I think kpb57 wants to scroll through the band's whole catalog and cherry-pick songs for the new setlist, yes?

When I select a collection, I can pick a song to display, and tap through the pages of that song. When I get to the end of the song, that's it.

HOWEVER, if I tap the pedal (PEDAL!) I have set up to go to the next song, it does skip ahead to the next song in the collection.

I have four pedal set-ups (actually Bluetooth keyboards), so if you had one 'pedal' set for 'go to next song', you would get what you're looking for.
You should check if in the library settings the box “automatically load next song“ is checked.
As BRX mentioned, the "Automatically Load Next Song" allows you to page through whatever group was last viewed on the library screen. You can use this to page through individual songs in a group if you don't to load all of the songs as a setlist.