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Full Version: Setlist, move song to another position
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one thing I'd love to be able to do: re-adjust the order of songs in a setlist by long-pressing a song and then swiping it to its new position.
Some of the sorting criteria are shown only in the regular setlist view, not the setlist editor. 
I have Capo, Year (yes, that can be a sorting criterion), Play-Along audio (shown as a mic icon after the song title). See screenshot.
A quick re-position is required quite often, and the suggested feature would make it truly quick. The setlist editor is still very useful with its filters, but much slower when I have to toggle back and forth to see the needed info.
Do you think this would be possible?
In the setlist editor every song has a button at the left showing up/down arrows. With your finger on this button you can drag a song up and down as desired.
IMHO this functionality reacts a bit "nervous", but this might be specific for my tablet.
@Mike: persistent filters do not work in this context. When I jump between setlist editor and setlist view, the filter setting that I set in setlist editor is lost. It's a pity as I do this frequently when I create a new setlist
Thanks itsme, I do use the setlist editor to move songs to a new position, but like I wrote: "Some of the sorting criteria are shown only in the regular setlist view, not the setlist editor."
I had attached a screenshot of a setlist to illustrate this.

MSP offers so much options, it's fun to discover and apply these by & by.
For instance, the use of symbols/icons: I increasingly select an icon instead of typing a description.
Just today I tagged one third of my 1920 songs with a symbol that identifies them as "well known songs" (?), using the Source field for this.
I can now filter away all obscure songs, two thirds are just not "popular" enough to be shown when I have a singalong session with friends.
(Which is why I suggested slight improvements in regards to filtering).
Another cool appliance for icons:
Instead of putting the "needs work" songs into a setlist, I now rather tag them with ???, using the Collection field for this.
By adding "Collections" to the Song Title Formatting in Settings, I always see which songs need refurbishment, no matter which tab is open.
Of course, I don't have any text values in the Collection field, this would spoil the picture. Instead I have an icon for Ukulele songs (?), songs that have a decent backing track as audio file (?) as well as an indication if a song contains a score (?). Next one will be for songs where an electrical guitar is the instrument of choice (?), by default I play acoustic guitar.
These icons help quite a bit when you browse through the library!
Year information and Capo are included in the second line of the title (along with artist), all these help when putting together a setlist. Since this information is lost in the setlist editor (except for artist), and filtering wouldn't help in this case, I suggested the additional option to nudge a song into its new position, within the regular setlist view.

Edit: the icons don't seem to be recognized by the post editor, just showing "?"
Found my self wishing for this option in Setlist Edit mode:

Filter for "Recent" as in the main Library. This would be useful.